Once in the training facility in the middle of Asia, there was one man named Sarnia Lizious who had tan brown hair, white skin, green eyes, and flush white cheeks.  He was training in the facility in Asia under watch by Master Chu-Woh who has red hair, yellow eyes, flush white cheeks and dark brown skin.  Master Chu-Woh had awesome skills in sword handling and good technique in fighting.  He was the master in this facility and he was the trainer of Sarnia and other students.

One day after training, Sarnia went out into the town to get a movie and some food, and as he was walking, he saw some men beating up some guys in the back alley.  When he saw this he ran to them and yelled, “Hey!  Leave them alone or you will have to deal with me!”

Both men turned as the beat up men ran away and the muggers yelled back, “Hey punk, you want a piece of us?”  By the end of the sentence Sarnia was almost upon them and he tackled the one in the stomach and the mugger screamed in agony.  Then Sarnia leaped onto the other mugger’s head and he ran him into a wall.  As he fell to the ground there was a crackle of lightning and it struck a ladder and it nailed him in the head.  As Sarnia ran off he said to himself, “Better hurry, I want to watch my movie tonight and I am hungry.”

On his way back from the movie store, he saw another bolt of lightning and it struck the ground and formed a sword.  Sarnia ran up to the sword and grabbed it.  As he touched it, he could feel thunder in his veins and he had an uncontrollable power.  As he ran back to the training centre he saw lightning getting drawn to his sword.  Every time it struck he got more power and he screamed to the sky, "Stop it!" It suddenly stopped thundering and shooting out lighting.  By the time he reached the training centre is was 10:30pm and he said, "Oh, now I can't watch the movie." He went to bed. 

At 12:36am he heard a small clatter and he ran into the kitchen and he saw a masked man stealing his sword, and then he ran away as Sarnia chased him.  The masked man ran out into the yard and by pure luck for Sarnia, he slipped and fell.  As Sarnia pounded on him, he took off his mask and he saw Master Chu-Woh.  When Sarnia saw him, he backed away in shock and whispered, "Why did you do it?"

The master replied, "I have always been jealous of you, and now you have a new sword, I plotted against you."  As Master Chu-Woh finished, he looked into the shocked face of Sarnia.  Sarnia turned away and ran out the doors to the Mountains of the Dead Soul where there were powerful beasts and lots of dead bodies.

John was a man in the city over the Mountains of the Dead Souls, who had white skin, orange eyes, green hair, and rosy cheeks.  One day he was walking home from work, he saw a $20 bill, so he went to grab it.  As he chased after it, he fell into the and fell into some chemical.  That is when he started to mutate into a lava creature.  "Now to try my new power," he said as he threw fire balls at the walls.

On the way to the Mountains of the Dead Souls, Sarina passed a museum that said on the sign, "Museum of Ancient Artifacts."  Sarnia walked in to see if his sword was an ancient artifact.  Upon entering, he saw a small tablet that said, "Find the seven artifacts, it is the only way to defeat the enemy."  The farther he walked in, the more he got interested. Then he saw a sign that read, "Ancient Artifacts".  He walked in thinking, here's what I was looking for.

Sarnia walked in looking for his sword, but first he saw a mould of a bow.  Below it he saw a poster that said, "A bow said to have come from the heavens. The legendary arrow has the power to stop anyone. It is found in a shrine close to the Mountains of the Dead Souls."  Sarnia walked on to the second weapon, and it was a pendant.  This, too, had a poster under it and it said, "This pendant found in the ocean of the beast. It is said that this weapon/pendant was made by a tribe of mermaids to protect their underwater village from the Great Kraken."

"Well, this is weird," he said as he walked on to the next object.  This weapon looked exactly like his sword and the sign read, "the blade of Zeus was created by him and has only been found once since 200 B.C.  It is said that it appears in a bolt of lightning and appears only to the greatest fighters."  As he walked on, he saw some arrows in crested with a tree.  "This arrow is said only to fit in the bow of the light. It can be found only in the forest shrine, built in the Forest of the Doomed".

"Wow, that's kind of scary, Forest of the Doomed," muttered Sarnia.  As he walked on, he saw a model of wings and the poster under it said, "The wings of the sky, it is said that these wings can make anyone fly for as long as they want to, these are said to be found in the Temple of Clouds."  On his way to the other objects, a fire alarm went off in the museum and Sarnia yelled, "Everyone get out, now!"

Just then, Sarnia realized that he was trapped, but just as he was about to give up and murder himself in the flames, he saw a light, so he looked up into a window.  Before he could react, a burning log fell down and trapped him.  He reached for his sword but another log fell on his arm.  By that time, he had his hand on his sword.  He pulled it out and cut off the logs, then he jumped for the window and broke it with a kick.  Sarnia could feel blood rushing out of his leg as the glass broke and cut him.  When he got out he saw a red and yellow shadow running away.  As Sarnia ran to catch up to him, he saw a fireball come at him.  Sarnia grabbed his sword and cut the fireball, but after, he just saw a little explosion of fire, and he was gone.

As John escaped through the sewers he muttered to himself, "I better take care of that guy soon before he gets too powerful for me to handle."  As he was running, he saw a reflection of himself and he screamed.  What he saw was oozing red lava and blood red eyes.  As soon as he saw that, he got a migraine.  He started to run down the sewers to another place to destroy and test his powers.

Sarnia was running away from the burning museum so he didn't get blamed and in the background he could hear, "Who did this?" And the other guy replied, "I don't know."  Sarnia turned away and started to run to the Mountain of the Dead Souls.  On the way, he saw a sign that read, "Mountain of the Dead Souls, three days away." 

"Oh, that sucks, it's so far away.  Oh well," muttered Sarnia,  "guess I better get going."  So, Sarnia started walking to the mountains. On his way he saw a small speck flying towards him.  As Sarnia turned towards it, it was to late.  There was a giant beam of fire.  Sarnia just snapped into action. He grabbed his sword and slashed away at it.  As the fire hit, Sarnia went flying and when the smoke cleared, he saw a dragon flying in for the kill.  Before Sarnia could grab his sword, the dragon attacked.  Before the jaws hit, Sarnia kicked and punched at the dragon and every time he did, fire spit out.  As the dragon was recovering from the blows that Sarnia delivered, Sarnia drew his sword.  By that time the dragon had recovered and there was a sword to claw battle.  When they both slashed, it rang in their ears, and in that short period, the dragon slashed, and blood gushed out of Sarnia's arm.  As he screamed in pain, the dragon struck again and Sarnia fell to the ground.  When the dragon slashed again, he grabbed his sword and cut off the dragon's hand and blood dripped out.  When the dragon was recovering, Sarnia slashed at his head but the dragon blocked with his claw and it was cut off.  Now that both claws were off, he slashed at the head, but the dragon blocked with a blast of fire and Sarnia got burned.  That is when the dragon got his claws back and started to slash at Sarnia again.  As Sarnia started to roll away from the claw, his shirt got stuck on a rock.  That is when the dragon came in with his claws to kill Sarnia.  Sarnia reached for his sword, but by the time he got it, the dragon was on top of him, so Sarnia threw his sword and the dragon swallowed it.  When Sarnia saw the sword in the throat, he punched the dragon and the sword shocked the dragon until he was dead.  So Sarnia continued on his journey to the Mountain of the Dead Souls.  On his way, Sarnia saw a sign that said, "Two days to the Mountains of the Dead Souls."  Sarnia said, "Well, better get movin'."

So then, Sarnia walked to the Mountain of the Dead Souls.  After one day, 23 hours, 51 minutes and 59 seconds, he got there.  "Hey, that sign was wrong."  So Sarnia started to climb the Mountain of the Dead Souls and when he was half way up, a griffin attacked him.  "Stop attacking me!" Sarnia yelled.  Sarnia kept on climbing and when he got to the top, he ran to find shelter from the griffin.  The griffin swooped down and grabbed Sarnia, so Sarnia drew his sword.  The next thing he knew, he was falling because the griffin had let him go and he screamed.  Before he hit the ground, he stabbed his sword into the ground and it slowed his fall enough so he could stop.  "Whew, that was close.  I'll kill you Mr. Griffin who thinks he's so smart," yelled Sarnia at the griffin.  The griffin got mad, so he swooped down again to kill Sarnia, but this time he was prepared.  Sarnia stabbed his claws and the griffin withdrew his claws.  Sarnia slashed at the griffin's wings and when the blade hit, there was a loud ringing sound just like if his wing was metal.  The griffin flew up into the sky and started to dive.  Sarnia saw this and ran for cover behind a rock.  The griffin pulled the rock out of the ground and Sarnia ran behind it again.  this time when the griffin ripped it up, he threw it at Sarnia.  Sarnia grabbed his sword and jabbed it into the rock and it crumbled at his feet.  Then when Sarnia wasn't looking, he grabbed Sarnia and dropped him.  When Sarnia hit the ground, he groaned and yelled, "come and get me fat guy."

When the griffin heard this he swooped down with his wing out ripping up everything is his path.  Sarnia saw a hut in the corner of his eye so not to get hit by the griffin.  By the time he had gotten into the shelter, the griffin had already torn up the ground.

Sarnia saw something out of the corner of his eye and it was glowing.  He turned his head towards it and saw something like one of the models from the museum, except it wasn't a model.  It was the bow, and there was a quiver full of arrows.  Sarnia grabbed it and went out to kill the griffin.  As Sarnia ran out, the griffin was already in the air waiting for him.  Sarnia ran behind a rock and loaded an arrow.  The griffin picked up the rock and that is when Sarnia said, "Surprise!" and he shot the arrow.  The griffin raised his wing and blocked it, then chased after Sarnia who was running away yelling, "come and get me fat guy!"  Sarnia tripped on a rock as the griffin was coming, so Sarnia loaded his sword into the legendary bow and shot it.

Since both objects were legendary, it created a giant blast, and when the griffin tried to block it, it went through his wing and his head.  When the sword landed on the other side of the griffin’s head, it fell to the ground making the earth rumble.  When Sarnia went to retrieve his sword, he found the griffin's brain on the end of it.  Sarnia said, "well, better keep this just in case." He also took the griffin claw.


"This could come in handy."  Sarnia climbed down the Mountain of the Dead Souls to get to Tirranial.  When he got there, he saw some farmers and they were debating where to go to farm.  Sarnia stepped in and said, "hey, go to the Mountain of the Dead Souls."One of the farmers replied,

"why, it is just rock up there."

Sarnia said, "not anymore."  So the farmers headed to the mountains, and Sarnia yelled at them, "hey, want a griffin, only 10,000,000,000 gahtos." As the farmers turned around they said,

"Sure," in perfect harmony.  So they paid Sarnia and went on their way and Sarnia went to explore the town.

John was sitting on top of the news centre. As he saw Sarnia walking by he said, "I think I'll have a little bit of fun with this sap."  John jumped down and saw that Sarnia was heading for the Tirranial Hall and he said, "well, let's fight there."  So John ran ahead to set his trap.

Sarnia was heading to Tirranial Hall when he saw fire trucks going to Tirranial Hall.  "I wonder what is going on!  Hey, maybe it is that guy who burnt the museum, I bet he lives here!"

Sarnia turned to a man beside him and asked, "Has there been lots of fires here lately?"

The man replied, "Yes, tonnes."

Sarnia said, "Well, better go stop this maniac," and hurried off.

As he ran to Tirranial Hall, he saw fire in the background so he ran faster.  By the time he got there, he saw John standing on top and Sarnia yelled, "get down here!"

John replied, "No, you come up here."

Sarnia muttered, "Okay." 


As Sarnia ran up the flaming stairs he thought, There's got to be a faster way up.  Then he remembered his bow.  He attached a rope to one of his arrows and shot it to the roof.  He pulled on it to make sure it was strong and then he climbed.  He always got an A+ in climbing at Master Cha-Woh’s Training Facility.  When Sarnia was almost at the top, he saw John come out of the shadows and he broke the rope with a fire ball.  As Sarnia fell, he shot another arrow with a rope at John and pulled himself up to him then drew his sword.  When Sarnia pulled it out, John shot it out of his hand with a fire ball. Sarnia shot down another arrow with a rope, and when he did that, john kicked him.  One thing was wrong with John's plan because he already had his sword so Sarnia slashed and slashed.  Whenever John got hit he just reformed because he was lava and John yelled, "now it is my turn!"

John threw a fireball at Sarnia and he started on fire, so Sarnia rolled to get the fire out.  After the fire was out, Sarnia loaded his sword into his bow and shot it at John.  After his sword went through, John was nothing more than lava on the ground.  Sarnia jumped out the window and continued to explore the town. But when he left town, John reformed.  So when Sarnia saw the paper the next morning, it said, "Maniac Alive.” Sarnia thought, "this must have been what the tablet had meant to say.

So, Sarnia went out to go to the Ocean of the Beast.   When he was heading out of Tirranial, he saw a sign saying, "Seven days to get to the Ocean of the Beast."

"Well, better start walking to there," said Sarnia.

So, off he went to the ocean.  About five days after he saw the sign, he came to a large forest with black shadows and an eerie kind of glow that came from it.  "Well, let's see what happens if I shoot an arrow," said Sarnia.

As soon as he shot it, it got destroyed.  "Well, I guess I should walk in," said Sarnia.  When he walked in nothing happened but when he got deeper into the forest he saw a tribe of Sulups that are six armed animals who have red fur and are 5'11" approximately.  They have one eye and they can breathe fire.   As soon as they spotted Sarnia they jumped into the trees and shot fire at him.  He took out his bow and  shot at the trees where he saw Sulups disappear into.  Every time he shot, a Sulup fell out and died.  Sarnia thought, "this isn't very productive," so he drew his sword.  He ran up and shocked the trees so they all fell out, but with one small difference than when they crawled into the trees.  As he kept on shocking, their leader snuck up behind Sarnia and captured him by knocking him out.  When Sarnia awoke, he couldn't move his legs or his hands. Then he saw where he was, at the Ocean of the Beast.  When they released his legs and arms, they pushed him into the ocean and shot a net at him.  Now the Sulups were yelling, "Rise Great Kraken, rise."

Sarnia screamed at them, "Be quite oddballs!"

"You make us mad.  Rise Great Kraken, rise!"


"Oh well", muttered Sarnia.  As he was ending, there was a big wave and all the Sulups ran and scattered.  The Kraken looked like a giant octopus as it reached out to grab Sarnia, he grabbed his sword and broke the net and swam out.  When the Sulups saw this, they started to fire at him.  Every time they fired, Sarnia jumped and the fire just hit the water.  Every time he landed, the Kraken would shoot out a tentacle to catch him and he muttered, "Jees, this is tiring."  So they kept on doing that until a fire ball nailed Sarnia in the stomach and he fell down in the water. That was when the Kraken grabbed Sarnia.  He lifted him into the air and the Sulups shot fire balls at him.  When 10 fireballs hit, the Kraken would dunk him and keep him under for 50 seconds.  Sarnia finally reached his sword and slashed at the Kraken and when he let go of Sarnia, Sarnia grabbed his bow and shot at the Sulups.  When the Kraken had recovered, he chased Sarnia under water.  Every five seconds Sarnia would shoot an arrow that would slow the Kraken down.  As the chase continued, Sarnia would hide so to be safe.  The only time he was found was when he had to go up for air and that was when the Kraken would strike.  The Kraken would grab his leg and pull him down, and then Sarnia would escape with his blade.  He would slash at the tentacle and it would let go.  After about two times of this, Sarnia had decided he had had enough, so he turned around and confronted the Kraken.  The Kraken looked confused, so Sarnia used that to his advantage and struck.  When the Kraken realized what was happening, it was too late.  Sarnia had struck with the tip of his blade and he cut the Kraken.  The blade did not kill him, but the Kraken looked injured.  This time the Kraken went in for the kill.  Sarnia tried to block but it was to powerful and it knocked him out of the water and he yelled, "well, this sucks," as the Kraken headed towards him.


As the Kraken grabbed him and pulled him back into the water, Sarnia had armed his bow and shot it straight into the brain of the Kraken knocking it out a little bit.  Sarnia noticed this and went looking for the water pendant.  After five minutes of looking, he had found the destroyed village of the mermaid whose treasure was the pendant he was looking for.  So he swam down looking for the water pendant.  He checked every building and he still didn't find anything.  As he looked around he had just noticed that he needed air badly so he swam up dropping his sword.  The Kraken had now woken up and saw the sword falling and grabbed it also feeling lots of energy, just like Sarnia did.  As Sarnia came back down under water, the Kraken came up to Sarnia and slashed.  Sarnia was injured so he swam up to the surface and jumped off the Kraken's tentacle.  As he was jumping, he loaded his bow and shot it at the Kraken's tentacle.  The tentacle fell off and the Kraken was in so much pain he let go of the sword.  Sarnia jumped down and grabbed his blade.  Sarnia ran up and cut off another tentacle making the Kraken stop his attack.  Now Sarnia loaded his bow again and shot it right between the eyes.  When Sarnia saw this, he went in to kill the Kraken.  As the Kraken went to put up a tentacle to block it, the blade just went through.  After all the tentacles were off he went in for the kill and cut right through the Kraken's head.  As Sarnia went through he landed in the water.  He landed straight onto the mermaid village.  He was swimming overtop of the underwater village when he saw something blue sparkling.  Sarnia swam down and that is when he saw the water pendant on top of the town's statue.  When he swam down to grab it, the statue broke and fell into a crack.  Sarnia loaded an arrow with a rope attached and shot it hoping to go through the loop.  When the arrow hit, it hit the pendant part and knocked it into a wall.  Sarnia swam up and grabbed it and the Ocean of the Beast formed a giant bubble shield around him.  As he walked out, he saw the Sulups scatter everywhere.  Sarnia said, "Well, better finish them off."

Sarnia ran after them as they went climbing up the trees.  he took out his blade, he ran up to the tree and shocked it.  Then he remembered his pendant so he made a giant wave and knocked them out of the tree dead.  "Well, my job here is done," said Sarnia.

So, Sarnia walked through the forest back to Tirranial to take another path to get the good forest arrows in the Forest of the Doomed.  As he walked backward to Tirranial, he remembered the museum and that he needed to see the other items.  "Well, I'll go back there after I get the other items I saw."

When Sarnia got back to Tirranial, he went to go find the path to the Forest of the Doomed.  Sarnia saw that every one was in a panic because John was still alive.  Sarnia went up to a man and asked, "which way to the Forest of the Doomed?"

The man replied, "north."

As Sarnia left, John turned back into himself and laughed out loud because he had told Sarnia the right way, but it was the most dangerous.  "Well, better go get those arrows," said John.  John turned south and went to the forest.

As Sarnia was running through the town to the forest he saw a shop.  "Well, I guess I should go and get some stuff for the road," said Sarnia.  So, Sarnia walked in hoping to find some useful supplies.  When he walked he thought he would see a pretty shop but all he saw was a dark, plain shop.  He walked up to the shopkeeper and said, "do you have anything for a traveller on a quest?"

The shopkeeper replied, "So , you are on a quest, eh?  Bet you think you're so special. Well, I have some stuff for travellers, like this rope, only 1,000 gahtos."

"I'll take it, guy," said Sarnia.


The shopkeeper said, "You think you're so special calling me guy."

Sarnia paid and walked out muttering, "Weird old coot."  When Sarnia got out he started back down the street to get to the Forest of the Doomed.  As he continued walking, he saw that the shrubbery got thicker and thicker the farther he went north.  Finally after three hours of walking north to the board of Tirranial he saw a sign saying, "This way to the Forest of the Doomed.  Take caution."  As he took a step in he though he saw the vines move, and when he walked farther in he saw them move again.  Just as he was getting worried, Master Chu-Woh popped out of the bushes.  When Sarnia saw him he asked, "what are you doing here?"

"Master Chu-Woh replied, "coming to challenge you to a duel."

"What happens in this duel?" Sarnia asked Master Chu-Woh.

He said, "We fight and the winner gives up something .  For you, your sword, and for me, the information you need to get to the arrows hidden here."

"How do you know about my quest?" Sarnia asked.

Master Chu-Woh replied, "I've been following you the whole time disguised as something different. On the Mountain of the Dead Souls I was a rock, and by the Ocean of the Beast I was a Sulup, actually, the one who captured you."

As Sarnia turned he said, "Okay, I accept your challenge, let's fight!"


They both backed up and jumped, going into a hand to hand combat.  First Master Chu-Woh knocked Sarnia to the ground and kept on punching him.  Sarnia then kicked upwards, knocking Master Chu-Woh off, and then the battle continued.  Sarnia ran ahead and kicked at master Chu-Woh 's legs, knocking him down.  Sarnia jumped on top of him and kept on punching him in the face.  After, Master Chu-Woh had red spots on his face, so Sarnia hit there.  As Sarnia was punching, he saw Master Chu-Woh roll away and then he jump-kicked Sarnia.  Sarnia rolled on the ground like he was in pain and he was in pain.  Master Chu-Woh used this to his advantage and kept on kicking Sarnia around the forest floor.  The next time Master Chu-Woh kicked, Sarnia grabbed his foot and flopped him down, and Sarnia stood up.  Sarnia grabbed Master Chu-Woh and spun him.  Sarnia then threw him into a tree.  Sarnia ran up again and started to kick and punch Master Chu-Woh.  Master Chu-Woh screamed every time Sarnia hit.  When Sarnia came in for another punch, Master Chu-Woh grabbed it and twisted it backwards.  Sarnia screamed in pain and Master Chu-Woh twisted it more.  Sarnia turned his hand backward so Master Chu-Woh screamed in pain.  Sarnia then kicked him in the stomach.  Master Chu-Woh screamed at Sarnia, "Stop!  I forfeit, I'll show you the location of the arrows."

Sarnia said, "Okay."  So they set off into the Forest of the Lost.  After two hours of walking, Sarnia heard something moving as he turned around with his sword drawn.  He pushed his sword into the bush and he heard something scream.  Out of the bushes crawled a Krincha.  Krincha's look like a giant hawk and all of the feathers are spikes.  They also can shoot out sound waves.  Sarnia said to the Krincha, "what are you doing here?"

The Krincha said, "I was just looking around from my village in the sky and I fell."

Sarnia said in a stern voice, "you are lying."

"How did you know?" he said

Before Sarnia could react, the Krincha shot out some sound waves that paralysed him.  The Krincha grabbed Sarnia and said, "where we are going, you will never be able to escape."

As they flew up higher, Sarnia saw a bunch of clouds together.  Then the Krincha flew up high enough to let Sarnia see.  It was an entire village of Krincha's up above the Forest of the Doomed.  As the Krincha flew closer, he saw another Krincha fly closer to them.  The Krincha that was flying closer said, "what is your pass code?"

The one that was carrying Sarnia replied, "2712371."

"You may pass", said the one who asked him.

So the Krincha that was carrying Sarnia flew to the town.  When they got there, the Krincha took him into a jail cell.  The prison cell was blocked off on all six sides of it with hypertronic de-atomizers.  Inside the cell it was just black. As he looked across, he saw other people in cells.  Sarnia thought to himself, how am I going to escape?

As a guard walked by Sarnia thought, that's it.


The next day when the guard who delivered the food came by, Sarnia pretended to be knocked out.  When the guard saw, he opened the door to come in and look. When Sarnia saw the guard over top of him, he grabbed him with his legs and flopped the guard into the wall.  Since the walls were covered in hypertronic de-atomizers, his atoms were destroyed, leaving the key card on the ground.  Sarnia walked out, and while he walked passed the other cells, he opened the doors and let them out.  As the guards saw this they ordered a full lock down on the building.  All of a sudden, all the doors were covered in metal.  Sarnia ran up to the door and pounded on it, then he saw the cameras watching him.  Sarnia pulled out his bow, because when they captured him, they hadn't taken his weapon.  He shot the cameras and then drew his sword to cut the door.  When he slashed it, it just made a big sound instead of knocking it down.  When the guards heard this, they grabbed their atomater guns that could change your atoms into whatever they wanted.  As they opened the door, Sarnia was slashing so they were both obliterated.  As Sarnia ran out of the prison room, he saw more Krinchas coming and he said to the other men, "brace yourselves."

As the Krinchas flew in, all the men grabbed atomater guns or bats.  The Krinchas flew in closer and all the men with guns started to fire and Sarnia shot with his bow.  As Krinchas started falling, Sarnia came up and slashed the ones who were not dead.  The Krinchas then shot their sound waves at all of the men, including Sarnia.  As all the men were paralysed, they flew in and cut them with their feathers.  As all of the men screamed, Sarnia recovered and grabbed his sword.  He ran up and slashed the Krinchas who were attacking men.  Sarnia realized that there were too many, so he yelled at the men, "there are too many, escape, run, and jump off."

So all the men started to run with Sarnia covering their backs.  As they reached the edge, Sarnia yelled, "jump off."

Sarnia saw that everyone was hesitating, and as he turned, he saw the Krinchas coming.  Sarnia yelled again, "jump!"

Since they were hesitating, Sarnia pushed them off and he jumped off after.  As they were falling, Sarnia could see the Forest of the Doomed. Also, he just noticed that he had dropped his sword and he saw it falling over the forest.  When he landed, he started to look for his sword and the arrows.  As he walked, he was worried about finding some Sulups when he didn't have his sword.  Since he was so worried, he drew his bow and loaded it.  Just as he did, a Sulup jumped out and shot out fire.  Sarnia turned around and shot it.  Sarnia loaded again and ran off to look for his sword.  After walking for a while, he saw a big plant that looked like a big Venus fly trap with vines that looked spiky hard.  Sarnia looked from hand to hand, then he saw his sword in one of them.  Sarnia said to the plant, "hey, give me my sword."


As the plant heard this, he went to grab him with his claw, but Sarnia shot so fast that it cut off the hand.  That made the plant so mad he went in for the kill with Sarnia 's blade that he lost.  Sarnia tolled out of the way and the blade cut through the ground.  Then the plant slashed again and Sarnia jumped. Then the blade struck a tree.  Sarnia loaded his bow and shot off the hand that held his sword.  Sarnia ran up to grab his sword, but by the time he had it, the hand of the plant was on it.  The hand was pulling him into it's mouth, Sarnia grabbed his sword and slashed at his hand.  As the hand fell, the plant monster threw another hand at Sarnia.  Sarnia grabbed the but off hand and blocked with it.  The plant kept on shooting out hands and Sarnia kept on dodging them.  After dodging, Sarnia saw the hand of the plant coming after him.  He jumped and the hand grabbed a rock.  The plant threw the rock at Sarnia and Sarnia cut it with his sword.  The plant shot out all of his hands at Sarnia. Sarnia cut off most of them but one grabbed him and pulled him in.  Sarnia struggled to get away from the plant as it was pulling him into the mouth of the plant.  As Sarnia was almost in the mouth, he stuck his sword in to hold up the mouth.  The plant put Sarnia into his mouth and all of this water came to Sarnia.  Since Sarnia was in the plant's, mouth he shot the water down the plant's throat.  While the plant was swallowing it, it kept on coming down into his stomach.  After three minutes of waiting, Sarnia grabbed his sword and jumped out of the plant's mouth.  The plant had swallowed so much he started to bulge in the stomach.  Sarnia ran up with his sword out in from of him and he rammed it straight into the plant's stomach.  Since the plant had so much water in his stomach, he exploded in water, washing Sarnia away.

John was watching Sarnia beat the monster, and as he watched, he saw a shrine behind the plant.  John said, "that must be where those arrows are."

John Jumped down and ran past Sarnia, who was getting blasted with water, and grabbed the arrows.  John yelled as he passed Sarnia, "sucker!"

As Sarnia was getting washed away in the water, he grabbed his pendant and shot the water at John who yelled, "ahhh, water."

Sarnia jumped up and slashed at John, making him split in half.  Sarnia jumped again and cut off John's hand.  John dropped the arrows when the blade struck.  Sarnia grabbed the arrows and loaded them into his bow.  When he shot, it went right through John.  John yelled, "I'll be back", and he disappeared in flames.

Sarnia thought, well, better get out of this freaky forest.


Sarnia started walking, and after three days of walking, he thought of something: "hey, what if they are at the cloud temple?"  Then he remembered when he was up on the city in the skies he saw a dot in the background.  "That must be it!" Sarnia yelled.

Sarnia tried to make as much noise as he could so that a Krincha would pick him up.  As Sarnia was jumping around, something swooped down and grabbed him.  Sarnia looked up and saw a Krincha flying him up to the city in the skies.  When they were above the city, Sarnia grabbed his sword and cut himself free from the grasp of the Krincha.  Sarnia fell and fell until he hit the cloud-like surface.  As soon as he landed, tons of cops came running at him all dressed in yellow with a white badge that said, "Cop."

They all formed a circle around him, and when he saw that they did this, he pulled out his sword and spun around.  All the cops got shocked and fell down.  Sarnia ran through the town, knocking down cops behind every corner.  Finally, Sarnia saw a huge warehouse and he cut down the door with a swipe of his sword.  Inside, he saw tons of floating, flying chariots.  "I wonder why they need these,” Sarnia yelled and it echoed with a piercing tone.  Sarnia walked forward and jumped into one.  As he landed on it, he saw a warning label that read, "Warning, this senses heat, and when it does, it takes off at 250 miles per second."

Before he could finish reading it, it took off so fast that he almost fell off.  Sarnia was having trouble staying on so he stabbed his sword into it and held on to his sword.  As he was getting out of the city, he saw some other chariots flying at him.  Sarnia grabbed his bow and loaded it.  He fired at one of the ships, and it exploded, and the fire ball fell to the ground.  Sarnia kept on flying farther from the city. Then he saw a temple.  Sarnia  flew on and landed on it.  Sarnia saw that there was a big door on the front and he cut it down.  Sarnia ran in and saw that it was really windy so he stabbed his sword into the ground for every step.  Sarnia kept on going on. Then he noticed he was in a giant labyrinth.  He kept on progressing. Then he saw a glow on the walls.  Sarnia walked forward and he saw some wings on a golden pedestal.  Sarnia just stared at the wings and then said, "they're beautiful."


Sarnia jumped up to grab the wings, but a giant gust of wind blew him away.  Sarnia stared up at the place where the wind came from and he saw a monster.  The monster opened his mouth and a giant blast of wind knocked Sarnia over.  Sarnia jumped and grabbed the wings.  Sarnia noticed that there was a string on the wings so he tied it on. All of a sudden, Sarnia could fly.  Sarnia flew at the monster on the wall then tried to stab his sword through him.  The monster just turned into wind and flew out of the way.  Sarnia stabbed again.  This time the monster grabbed the blade.  Sarnia yelled, "shock, now!" and the monster got shocked by the blade.

The monster fell to the ground and Sarnia went in for the kill.  As Sarnia's blade hit, the monster screamed like a maniac, then all was silent.  Sarnia flew up to see if there was anything left of him.  As Sarnia was checking, he reformed and tackled him from behind.  Sarnia fell to the ground, that is when the monster attacked again.  Sarnia was ready the next time; he had his bow loaded and he shot.  The monster tried to stop it but it pierced right through his head.  The head fell off and the head blew up.  Sarnia cut down the body, and the body fell apart, letting out a blast of air.  Sarnia got blasted back into the wall.  Each part of the monster got separated in the wind and the monster was destroyed.  Sarnia flew out through the labyrinth that he came in through.  When he got back out of the temple, he jumped off the edge of the clouds.  He was flying down when he remembered the museum and also remembered that he didn't see the last two items.  Sarnia turned north towards the museum.  After two hours of flying, he finally reached the museum and walked in.  Sarnia walked into the ancient artifacts section.  There he walked passed the bow, the arrows, his sword, and the pendant.  Sarnia looked and he saw a spear and the sign said, "This spear has the power to turn the people it doesn't kill into stone."

Sarnia walked on to the next item, and the sign said, "This shield has the power to block any attack.  Only water can stop it."

As Sarnia finished up looking, a bag came down and grabbed all of this items.  Sarnia looked around, he saw a masked man come out of the shadows.  "Remember us?" the guy in the shadows said.  Sarnia jumped at him and hit him to the ground.  Sarnia looked at the face and saw that it was one of the robbers from the alley.  Sarnia punched him and then kicked him in the side.  The robber fell unconscious and Sarnia jumped to get his weapons.  The other robber was holding them, so he knocked him out.  Sarnia grabbed his stuff and flew out of the building.  He kept on flying until he reached Tirranial, then he landed.  Sarnia saw a sign that said, "Flame Mountain, this way."

Sarnia flew that way, hoping to find an item there.  When Sarnia got to the mountain, he saw John on top of it with the flame shield.  Sarnia lunged and yelled, but John just jumped off the mountain to Tirranial.  "Better follow him," said Sarnia.


Sarnia flew overtop of John until he got back to Tirranial.  Up in the sky, Sarnia saw a giant ant hill in the middle of the town.  Sarnia flew to it and fell in.  John also saw it, so he ran in to the hill.  Inside it was a giant ant colony.  Sarnia kept on flying around until he reached the main part of the hill.  Sarnia saw a giant ant and it saw him.  The ant yelled, "Get him!"  All of a sudden warriors came out everywhere.  Sarnia grabbed his sword and started cutting them.  As Sarnia kept on chopping, he saw the rock spear under the queen.

John was walking through the tunnels when he saw Sarnia fighting.  John turned and saw the rock spear under the queen.  "Oh, boy!" he yelled and he ran in firing fire balls.

Sarnia saw John run in and start fighting, but Sarnia wasn't worried about John, he was worried about the shield he possessed.  As Sarnia was thinking, he got swiped by the ant soldier and he screamed.  Sarnia grabbed his pendant and that's when the whole hill flooded and all of the soldier ants died.  The queen turned to them and yelled, "you dare destroy my army!"

The queen stomped down on Sarnia and John and the sound waves it created knocked them to the ground.  Sarnia loaded his bow and screamed over to John, "distract the queen, now!"

John ran up to the queen and yelled, "catch me you fat ant!"  John threw a fire ball at the queen and she got really angry.  At the same time, Sarnia had his bow ready behind the queen and he shot her.  It pierced through her soft plushy skin, making a hole in the skin.  John ran to the hole and threw a fire ball in.  The queen screamed in agony.  Sarnia grabbed his wings and flew up and swung his mighty sword, shocking the ant.  The queen was jolted with so much energy that it triggered a time warp sending the queen back to before the big bang.  Sarnia landed and said to John, "we make a good team." And they shook hands.

When they both let go, Sarnia and John both sprang for the rock spear.  John grabbed it and he kicked Sarnia in his ribs, making him lose his breath.  John drew his spear and said to Sarnia, "Any last words, hero?"

Sarnia replied, "no, kill me."

John lunged the spear straight at Sarnia and he grabbed it with his feet.  Sarnia flipped the spear into his hand and drew his sword.  Sarnia ran at John and tried to kill him, but John blocked with the flame shield.  Sarnia put his sword  under the shield and flipped it into his hand.  "It's over now,” said Sarnia.


John pleaded, "don't kill me, it's not my fault.     "I'm sorry," said Sarnia, and a beam shot from all of the items. 

John went flying, but he yelled, "you will die in 100 years from today, Sarnia, you haven't heard the last of me!" and he disappeared.  As Sarnia flew out of the ant hill, he went to go live a normal life in Tirranial.  Sarnia knew that he couldn't live a normal life after what had happened, but be tried for 100 years to that fateful day.